Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cheatin' Production Blog - Signe Baumane Part 01

Cheatin' Production Blog - Guest Episode - Signe Baumane Part 01 from Bill Plympton on Vimeo.
In this episode I visit Signe Baumane's new Brooklyn studio to check on the status of her feature, "Rocks In My Pockets." For more about her film, check out her blog here.

Cinematography by Sandrine Plympton.


  1. Very cool. Thanks for making that. The 3D sets will be fun to see on screen.

  2. Wow! Great. I look forward to seeing Signe's film.

    James Madison

  3. The sets look amazing, I'm really looking forward to seeing the whole film come together :D

  4. I am convinced the movie will be funny, and I can't wait to see it. Nice tour of the studio ("Would you say your relationships are like that?" (i.e. parasitic). Ha ha. Nice.

  5. How cool, I want to see Signe's film! Love the idea of 2D characters on 3D set.