Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bill Plympton Day

Hey everyone! Guess which animator had a day dedicated to himself in Oregon...? Moi!!

That's right, May 26th in Oregon was "Bill Plympton Day"... which is kind of odd, because I was IN Oregon one week earlier to kick off the 6 city tour of "Adventures in Plymptoons" which was playing in select areas throughout Oregon. I was there for opening night at the celebrated Mission Theater and pub in Portland. It was a star-studded event. Animation guru Dennis Nyback, Portland's unofficial poet laureate Walt Curtis and celebrated animation producer Will Vinton. Of course, the director Alexia Anastasio was there to introduce the film, along with PR genius Steve Tenhonen.

Then the Mayor's proclamation of Bill Plympton Day was announced -- pretty weird!

 I presented the Simpsons couch gag short, and introduced the wonderful documentary. After the thunderous applause at the end, we brought up a lot of the participants in the documentary. It was fun to hear their thoughts and comments right after watching it. Anne stated something very interesting -- of all the great film directors to come out of Oregon, I'm the first one to get a full-length documentary about me. Wow!

 For all those in the East Coast who missed the chance to see the film, I have good news -- it's having a big gala premiere at the prestigious Museum of Modern Art on June 21st. If you're in the area, please come check it out! Details and ticket info here.

We're having a gaggle of celebs there, so I hope you can join me! And of course, everyone who comes gets a free Bill Plympton drawing. See you there!


  1. Congrats on your day, Bill!

    James Madison

  2. Man, so sad i missed this due to a wedding in Michigan. I am part of the Oregon Cartoon Institute, I redesigned their website and make art for them, was invited to your party, but couldn't go. One of these times, Ill get the chance to meet one of my favorite animators!

  3. Thanks Bill. Its always a pleasure working with you. This particular evening was insane fun. Another one for the Oregon History books! Cheers Steve Tenhonen