Friday, June 1, 2012

Alpha & Omega

I try to see as many animated features as possible – since that's what I make – but somehow I missed “Alpha and Omega”. Well, I finally got my Netflix DVD and hurriedly and placed it in my player.

It's one of those low-budget Richard Richard Rich feature films – the animation was done in India and it looks it. Bad design, bad movement, and bland colors. There's no real fur details on the skin of the wolves. It's like they're covered with lycra.

The story is fairly engaging if you're a six year old. It's basically Romeo and Juliet with wild Canadian wolves. There are a few clever jokes, but I've never seen so much humor based on butts – there has to be about 20 ass jokes in the film.

If you want a half-way decent animated feature for the toddler set, this is your film. I give it a C-.


  1. Let's not subject our children to this! They need to be educated on how to discriminate early!

  2. Bill, I told you a year ago that it was TERRIBLE.

  3. Bill ,

    You mentioned this film being a "low budget Richard Rich feature film" ... yeah, ok, looks like it could have been a Richard Rich film , but to be fair Rich did not actually direct this one , he was only one of 10 producers listed on the film's IMDB credit page. (that a film like this needed 10 producers or associate producers is a red flag.)

    Directed by:

    Anthony Bell and Ben Gluck

    Written by:

    Chris Denk (screenplay), Ben Gluck (story), Steve Moore (screenplay and story)

    Produced by:

    Noah Fogelson
    Ken Katsumoto
    Tracey Kimball
    A.K. Madhavan
    Steve Moore
    Michael Paseornek
    Priyank Raj
    Seemha Ramanna
    Richard Rich
    Timothy Yoo