Friday, November 8, 2013


I just saw the new Disney animated film "Frozen", directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, and I wasn't impressed.  It's loosely taken from the Hans Christian Andersen story "The Snow Queen", but they forgot the story.  I was never really caught up in the characters or the plot.

The problem starts in the beginning of the film, when the youngest daughter of the King and Queen has an accident, brought about by her older sister, who somehow has magic powers with ice.  They're taken to the troll village, which looks suspiciously similar to the bear clearing from "Brave", and there the head troll mentions some kind of magic mumbo-jumbo that the two sisters can never meet until one becomes Queen.

This setup for the story is all based on these troll rules, that I never quite understood.  So, as the film progressed, all their motivations seemed foggy and confused.

Also, the two male suitors for the younger sister, Anna, seemed almost interchangeable, so I was never sure who I was watching.  That problem could easily have been fixed with better character design.

I did, however, enjoy the acting and animation of the two lead female characters, Anna and Elsa.  Their body movements and character designs were enchanting.

People have raved about the backgrounds and settings - however, when compared to the lovely settings of "Tangled" or "How to Train Your Dragon", they fall way short.

Another minus was the insipid music - straight out of Broadway show tunes.  They must now be organizing a lavish Broadway version of this.  But why can't they use more original music, something that's fresh and from the area?

Of course, as a Disney film you must go see it, but all in all, I can only give it a C+.


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