Monday, May 12, 2014

Paris Premiere

Thanks to E.D. Distribution, my films have been very popular in France.  I'm kind of like the Jerry Lewis of animation there.  And since I needed CHEATIN' (or as they call it over there, "Les Amants Electriques") to be a big international success in order to get a better U.S. release, I decided to make an appearance in Paris for the premiere.

As I entered E.D.'s office, I was handed a large stack of magazines with rave reviews and generous articles about my film.  I think it was the best press I've every enjoyed for any of my films.  The next night, as I went to the premiere, I expected lines around the block, searchlights, riots and the gendarmes trying to control things - and it seems I always have that fantasy.

Yes, there were a few autograph seekers and hints of a big premiere event, but the theater just barely was packed.  The good news was the terrific applause at the end of the film and the wonderful unsolicited comments from the audience.

Also, strangely, films open in France on Wednesdays, so maybe over the weekend they had the searchlights, lines around the block, the riots and the gendarmes.  The feature is opening in many cinemas around the country, so I hope to reap a rich harvest of press and box office.

I'll keep you updated.

--Bill P.

                                              Hanging out with Serge Bromberg in Paris.

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